CMF Routes - Link Changer for Forums and Threads 1.1.1

Forum and thread route prefix can be changed for any forum or category

Feature Summary

  • Ability to change route for forums, categories and threads
  • Ability to join forum or thread route to parent node route
  • Routing is not using regular expressions. So it is faster than XenForo Route Filters!
  • Per node configuration
  • Ability to add a node name for category
  • No extra SQL queries
  • Fully phrased
  • Easy to use and install

Product Details

This add-on will allow you to change route prefix for your forums, threads and categories on per node basis.

All features showed on screenshots below.

You can see a changed route prefixes in the demo category with following settings:
  • Category:
    • route path for category has been changed to 'demo' (ended with '/').
  • First forum:
    • route prefix for forum has been changed to 'demo' with optional usage of 'URL Portion' field.
    • route prefix for threads has been changed to 'entries'.
  • Second forum:
    • route path for forums has been changed to 'sub/forum/deep/deeper/' with joining to the parent forum route (started with '&' and ended with '/')
    • route path for threads to 'post-comments' with joining to the forum route (started with '&').

Additional Requirements:
All CMF Add-ons depend on CMF Core (github link), so CMF Core must be installed first.

  • Install CMF Core addon, if not installed yet.
  • Upload all the files from the 'upload' folder on to your server.
  • Install xml addon file through your admin control panel.

Add-on will work only for one domain specified in license. On any other domain it simply will not work.
If you want to change domain:
  • change domain in your license
  • re-download archive
  • update addon through your admin control panel with new xml file

P.S. English is not my first language so if you found some errors in English texts please inform me and I fix it as soon as possible.


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